Reclaimed wood sample offer

I came across this site offering reclaimed wood samples and ordered a pack. If you use the code below you get $10 off which makes the 5 pack sample just a couple of bucks. (I went with the 10 pack and shipping was free, don’t know if it’s free for the 5 pack.) Can’t speak to the quality of the product, but I’m willing to find out for a few bucks. :slight_smile:

Use this code…


Thanks. I just ordered.

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Free shipping and no tax on the 5 pack for me. Thanks. I have a bunch of stikwood that I haven’t gotten around to using, including a few of their sample packs. Some of the larger pieces got a little cracked or broken in transit, but I think I waited too long for them to do anything for me. Other than being pretty thin, they’re really nice quality. I haven’t tried any in the Glowforge or on my walls yet.

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