Recommendations for non PG materials

Hey all, as I’m sure everyone is aware it’s next to impossible to get a steady, reliable supply of PG materials and I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where I can find some good materials? The things that I make and sell need uniformity so having to gamble to with buying materials from different places isn’t really desirable.

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Everyone is having trouble right now with consistent sources due to the pandemic. (Acrylic is just about impossible to find because everyone is using it for shields.)

I’d suggest trying a multitude of places, and keep a list handy of what you need to stock up on…if you come across a site that has enough of what you need…buy it in bulk and store it for a while. We need to keep an inventory of supplies while the supply chain is so disrupted.

The handy dandy forum search (magnifying glass in the upper left) will bring up tons of options and opinions - just type the material you’re looking for and “supplier” (wood, acrylic, leather, etc)

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Yeah I’m aware of the search function, and haven’t found any posts that give an hard answer on suppliers.

I’ll keep looking myself and post here for everyone, if I find anything.

Johnson Plastics Plus, Trotec, Tap Plastics, Canal Plastics, Cerulean Tides, Smokey Hill Designs, Inventables, E Street Plastics, Colorado Heirloom, Ocooch Hardwoods, etc., etc, etc.


What’s your definition of a “hard answer”?

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that’s why I switched all my recent acrylic projects to black acrylic. Less likely in use for shields…


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