Recommendations for Tables I can just purchase for my glowforge?

I see a lot of older posts about tables, lots of the links dont work. I am lazy and dont have much time to build my table, unfortunately (im a teacher).

Does anyone have any links to a sturdy table that just fits the pro unit. Definitely no overhang. I would love to find one I can just buy and not fiddle with.

Grateful for any advice.

Home Depot has a couple that would work, with and without drawers.


I have a PLUS. This is what I bought. I have been VERY happy with it. It is VERY sturdy.
Table & Workbench: 1" Thick Particle Board Top, Height Adjustable Bench - 24" D x 48" L x 30" - 36" H - by BenchPro - -


The case size is the same for all three models, so anything recommended would fit any model. Only thing that might different would be to accommodate the passthrough on the Pro …if you were needing more space on the front or back of any cabinet/cart you choose.


The machine is 38" wide x 21" deep, but the feet it stands on are well inside that, inset by 1.5" on either side, 3" at the rear, and 4" at the front.

That means a surface 32" wide x 14" deep would fully support the machine, with some overhang. Not suggesting you go that small, but 36" x 18" is not uncommon, there are dozens on Amazon. I can’t make a specific recommendation as I use a 6’ x 2’ industrial-grade rolling work table with drawers and shelves.