Recovering elements of a catalogue purchase that was modified

I was making the small Asian style tea candle holder from the catalogue and I needed to reprint one of the components so I clicked on the parts I did not need and deleted them. When I went back later to reprint the entire set of components the ones I deleted were permanently gone. I tried to rebuy the plans but I was told I owned it already. Anyone have this problem and solved it?

Click the three dots, then click reset design.


Next time click item and select IGNORE to prevent it doing anything during the session. It will still be there when you return and you can set it back to score/engrave or what have you.

There is also an Undo (curved arrow on top command bar) but I do not know if that remembers things across sessions.

Or temporarily move the parts you don’t want to print, into the pit of bounds area.

It doesn’t. When you leave it keeps things as they were when you left but while still there you can backup as far as you like. When I had a power failure it remembered some thing’s but not others. If you create a link it goes back to what you had up then, but don’t know if the undos are still alive.


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