Rectangle cutting about .5in too long (sized in GFI)

ok so my alignment looks good after running the calibration tool. however instead of trying to cut the full rectangle i’ve just started scoring a line that is the same length as the original rectangle I was trying to cut. I manually set the size to 17.969 in but its scores to about 18.5 (roughly since I’m using a tape measure). why would it score longer?

That is strange. Can you post a photo showing the measurement tool settings along with the final score size? What material is this happening on, and did you use the set focus tool?

Vertical cuts are precise but the horizontal cuts are about .5 in too long. any material I use it does this with.

this is the last screenshot I took. as you can see the line scored is longer than the line in the GFI. The next time i did it the lines matched BUT they were still about .5 in longer.

Here is the latest picture. you can see on either side that the cut line is extended past the limits of the highlighted line. You can also see the measurement is 17.696, but when measured it is about 18.5

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