Recycling materials


Oh, the possibilities.


This puts me in the mind of devices like this.




I still have on the to do list making a pulley for my lathe. I’ve been investigating PET for casting a blank and then turning it true. Seems that the most tedious thing is cutting the plastic into small pieces. Like that shredder.


Also makes me think of this:


Oh, my. so much for the paperless office. Seriously? Something is wrong here. Yossarian would approve!


The paperless office has always been a myth - it was predicted that the invention of the computer in the office would bring about a paperless office, but, in fact, more paper is used in offices than ever in the past. At least, this invention converts used office paper into recycled paper, right there in the office.


That’s because the people making the predictions disregarded the fundamental rule of supply and demand: the cheaper something is, the more people will demand (with some exceptions.) Computers (and printers) made it cheaper to create paper (well stuff on paper.) As the price of a form, or report, fell people used more. It looks like we’ll be seeing more of the same with lasers.