Redneck lift pads for $20 in 30 minutes

Not a Glowforge, but a x-carve project. My niece’s 2013 Toyota rav4 needed a class-3 hitch installed, and my buddy has a 15000lb hydraulic lift in his home garage (he owns a raptor) so he had a super tight time window and about an hour before we had to be there, calls me that he doesn’t have the correct lift pads to grab the pinch welds. Frantic googling didn’t turn any up, and it was Sunday so not everything was open. The commercial ones were $230 also, insane for a one-time use. Well, a quick trip to Dick’s sporting goods, and I got a 12-pack of hockey pucks. Modeled the right slot in CAD, and ripped the g-code in CAM for a 1/4” 3-flute TiN coated end mill. I stuck the puck down using the tape and glue method. Now the x-carve unlike my Tormach only has z-probing and no ability to find the center of a circular object automatically and I should have cut a circular jig on the Glowforge (I was really rushing here) but the slightly off center slots weren’t a problem based on how they sit in the holder. I had to contact-cement 2 pucks back to back as the specified depth only left a few mm and wasn’t going to trust a car to that. Entire project was 30 minutes and $19!

Oh and the dust collection (base is made on the Glowforge) basically gave me the middle finger. I am going to be finding puck dust for years… and it smelled as bad as you suspect.


Is that a feed speed issue? Spindle speed? Wrong bit? Or some gentle mix of the three?


Well I had no idea what to set so picked a pretty aggressive speed. Probably the wrong end mill. Normally less flutes for soft. But if that’s what you got the that’s what you got


Brilliant solution to use hockey pucks!


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