Redundant cuts

Hey all!
I love my new GF!!!
I am cutting a sheet of nested earsavers. they are rectangular to cut down on weeding. there are a ton of common lines, and the shared lines are being cut twice (once per saver, even though it is a common edge.)

is there any way to fix this for faster cut times?



if you run the svg through, it tends to remove redundant lines in some of the solutions it offers. If you post it here, I will give it a shot for you.


Yea, it’s all in the design. If a line is there regardless of overlap, it will fire the laser again.

i figured out how to link a pic! yay!
so the pattern is made in CAD. (Deepnest made a mess of this one actually. and weirdly, deepnest did not join lines when i tried it. even tho the setting to do so was checked. wierd.)


I couldn’t get deepnest to join lines either. I even tried it with the GF ear savers design which definitely should nest perfectly, and I couldn’t get it to fit the pieces together even after trying many settings variations. What’s the trick to getting it to do that @eflyguy?

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Hang on - I’ll grab the CAD one and clean it up in CAD.

Afraid I’ve got no expertise here. I’ve never used that site.

I don’t understand how making them “rectangular” make them easier to weed?

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Oops, sorry, I meant @mark14! Same question.

If they’re designed geometrically to interlock, you’re better off nesting them yourselves. It is actually an mathematical intractable problem to find the optimal arrangement, so all nesting software can do is test a lot of possibilities. The computer outsmarts me at arranging a lot of oddly shaped items, but I can do better if they’re easily arranged in a grid.


i am not sure there are any tricks. the one thing I know is that you need to set the space between pieces to 0. when it works ( overall, it is a bit of a cluster), it seems to take out common lines and calculates how much laser time it saved you in doing so.

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I guess that makes this a CAD question. crap, I hate Inventor… there’s probably a setting buried 25 layers deep somewhere.

This isn’t a CAD question. It’s a design problem.

You simply need to create the design in a way that you don’t have overlapping paths, as opposed to creating one part and duplicating it repeatedly. Think about how the parts will be laid out and leave out paths where appropriate, saving the complete object for the last row or column.

… and I still don’t understand the “rectangle to save weeding” part. It appears this design has a lot of waste material, as opposed to the design released by Glowforge.

Is the only way to get the GF design to sign up? I just don’t have acrylic to cut, but I’m happy to take the best design and create a sheet in CAD for whoever. If there’s a preferred / better design point me to it. Perhaps I’m missing something (I usually am).

Never mind my post - Discussion of "Help Us Get One Million Ears Savers to Essential Workers"

I’ll get a CAD version, although that one will work really well…

The link to the page with the design is posted in the announcement. You don’t need to sign up.

My comment, however, was directed at the OP.

Yup - again I need to read before I post.

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as compared to this original ergonomic concept that i did. this got old quick.

? it is a CAD problem because that is how i designed it. the software is vector based like illustrator, but quite different in how it treats line drawings and patterns
please expand on areas of wasted material in the rectangular form, and how it is different from the GF version. I am new to laser, but both designs appear functionally identical to me- this is a ‘copy’ of the GF (from memory, so of course small details are not identical).

cheers, mate