Referal payout issue

Back in August I had referred someone and waited and in october I got the email that the credit was added and that I could op to cash it out, and I logged into the stripe page, now over 2 weeks later I still havent gotten it, has anyone else gotten this issue? Normally I’d just blow it off but that extra cash near christmas was something I was hoping for.

I am currently in a similar situation with my catalog design payout. I was told that someone is looking into it for my account now so hopefully I’ll hear something too. You may need to contact someone about your account as well but this posting should trigger a support ticket automatically so hopefully you get help on this soon too. But is sounds like an identical issue with my stripe payouts as well.

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Coming here and posting is exactly the same as sending an email to support. Community Support and both go to the helpdesk software exactly the same. So hold tight and they’ll help you out.

(Though they will close this here and send you an email directly as they’ll have to talk about personal financial points.)


Hi @HollyBrown - I see you already emailed us about this and we’re continuing to work on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.