Referal problem

Has anyone else had issues with the referral program? I personally purchased a laser. I then convinced my school to buy one. I had my school send them a check and use my name on the check as a referral. Glowforge emailed me a week ago to say I didn’t qualify for a referral because it is giving yourself a referral. That is not the case and I have emailed them 3 times since and I have not received an email back

Nope, never had any issues with it. (I’m not sure what qualifies or disqualifies a referral though - I’ve only netted a couple. If they have rules for what they allow, they haven’t discussed them on the forum.)

Sorry! I know it’s not much help, but we don’t know here.

Thanks for reaching out about this. We’ve followed up in email for your specific situation, so I’m going to close this thread. For any other questions about the referral program, go ahead and post here, email support, or review the terms of the referral program here: