Referral Balance?

Is there some where that shows how much credit I currently have? I can see that referral credits were applied but I don’t know how much credit I have as I purchase stuff.


I believe they shifted strictly to “gift cards”. I had to search my emails for “Glowforge shop gift card” to find mine, and unfortunately, you can only tell if it’s been used by entering it in. Unless I’m mistaken, the old way of manually applying it was far better than this new way, considering it was simple enough to add from the checkout screen instead of having to hunt through, possibly, several emails to know if a code has been used. I’ll be following this thread because I’m interested to know if there is an easier way to track it!

They changed the “e-commerce” system on the back end, so the “old way” was simply no longer supported. They will tell you your balance if you email them (or posting here, but obviously the reply will be by email.)

Thanks for the answer @eflyguy , that’s right.

@jglazer I’ll follow up in an email with your balance.

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