Referral Bonus Disappeared Recently

My referral bonus just went from 1000 to 0. It happened fairly recently. It should be at 1000 still.

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Thank you for writing. I’m looking into it. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

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The issue does not appear to be limited to @takitus. My referral bonus was 100 and is now 0. My one referral was to someone who is currently active on the forums so it is unlikely he has canceled.

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i think there have been some issues with their meter, mine has jumped around over time. i just planned on waiting until referrals went out to see if bothering them was necessary.

You can add mine to the list. Just gone from $800 to $0. Thank you, @takitus for spotting that.

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Mine dropped from $1,000 to $0 as well.

You are correct. I have not cancelled!
I don’t see it either!

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That weird, mine looks fine. It’s still at $0.


Oddly enough, exactly the same here.


Where do we see the referral bonus? I don’t have much (only one), but I’d like to check.

If you go to the referrals page and are signed in it should be there. (If not just go to the non-community GF page and sign in, there is a link under your account to it.)

And I too am in the $0 when it should be more ($400) group.

:raising_hand_woman: I went to $0 as well

Mine dropped to $0 as well

Ditto. From $100 to 0.

Yup. I only had one, but now it’s zero.

My meter is back at 1000. Thanks @Rita!

I wish I could see the total amount of referrals, but to at least have the bonus meter displaying the max is good for now.

I didnt notice the change until after I added another user to my account, and changed my username from blank to takitus in the new settings interface.

Im thinking it was either that, or something to do with them fixing my shop account when it was broken.

Did either of those things happen for anyone else whos referrals disappeared?

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Thanks for letting us know about this - we have now resolved the issue. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.