Referral Credit Not Applied

Hello Friends -

Back in September for the first time ever, I had a referral come through! It was super exciting like you all know. This week I went in to check if the status had changed and I saw it said CREDIT APPLIED. When I looked at my cart to try to use it, I didn’t see any link like the one people are saying is there. So like others have suggested, I put in a ticket for support.

The response I received was not correct. She was confusing my first referral with a different one that came through at the end of September and gave me the canned response of ‘you need to wait 30 days to see the credit’ …

Any ideas on what to do from here…? Should I put in a new ticket completely?

I did respond to the original email saying that she was looking at the wrong line item and I havent been able to use my first ‘CREDIT APPLIED’ credit…but I have not seen a response.

help me glowforge…please…I just need some walnut…really really annoyingly badly…

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By posting this here you have opened a support ticket. If you send in a separate ticket, you may end up delaying their response.

Hopefully they will get back to you quickly or someone here with more experience in receiving referral credits can chime in. Keep an eye on the support page as well, very often they’re online to chat during normal US business hours. You’ll see “CHAT” in a small oval in the bottom right hand of the screen on the Support page if they’re online.


They don’t apply the credits immediately in case the referrer cancels the order and returns the machine. So you will likely need to wait 30 to 60 days to see the credit pop up. (You can still go ahead and buy some walnut, the credit will be there for your next order, and I’ve seen your work, you’ll be needing more.) :wink:


So you’re saying that even though it says CREDIT APPLIED there is an additional 30-60 days before the give you the credit? I just want to make sure I understand this correctly because thats not what it seemed to me on the referral page. I seemed like after it says CREDIT APPLIED I would have immediate access to order stuff.

And thank you…I am holding off on my next project for this order and i may just need to place it.

That’s the way I remembered it, but it was before they switched to the new store. I got an email notification a month or so before it actually was applied as usable in the shop. Both times. They might be sending automatic notifications of the referral now, but it might still need time to cook before it’s done.

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This is probably relevant.


They’ve changed the process without changing the webpage. The “credit added” text appears after your referral’s machine ships to them. However, they don’t actually give you the credit for 30 more days after that now. That was a change that started in the past month or so. Hopefully the only reason they haven’t made the obvious quick fix of changing the webpage text to be less misleading is because they’re busy building a whole new referral system webpage or something.

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