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I was wondering if I can use my giftcard from a referral credit to pay for a year of the premium subscription?

Glowforge personnel don’t monitor this section of the forum. I suggest you contact them by clicking the support link above, then selecting email if the chat is not available.

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money is money is money, so I say why not?
but @dklgood is right, up to the glowgods


It’s not money though, it’s a gift card balance stored in their Shopify account.

The Premium subscriptions are handled by a different third party system, Chargebee.

The only way money can get from one system to the other is if someone working for Glowforge manually removes it from in their Shopify account and manually applies it in their Chargebee account. will tell you if they’re willing to do that.


ASK, no harm in asking!


Previously they’ve said that they’re part of different systems so they are unable to apply gift cards to the premium purchase.

But maybe if enough people ask it will wear them down and they’ll figure out how to transfer money between systems & accounts.


this sounds similar to apple ‘itunes Music’ and ‘apple store credit’ they where not interchangeable – Now they are!

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