Referral Fees into Proofgrade?

Any way we could convert our referral fees and just get an equivalent credit in the Proofgrade store?


Or you could just use your savings to buy Proofgrade gift cards (which I have no doubt they will be offering! :grin:)


I could, but I don’t have the account I used for purchase any more.


As an aside, does anyone know the average(ish) wait time before support responds? I sent an (unrelated to this topic) email yesterday, but haven’t received even a canned “Thanks for writing us! We will usually respond within X hours” email.

The one time I contacted support (not long ago) they sent a canned response right away (instantly?) and also responded to followups very quickly as well.

I wonder why you didn’t get a canned response.

It can be worrisome when you don’t get an auto-response. I think @rita would know if there is always a canned-response, or what an average support ticket turn-around might be at this point.
If they can get refunds to people whose cards/accounts have changed or ended, I would think they can could still get you your referral savings in some way.
Can’t say I have thought too much about that, since I didn’t manage to refer anyone, or even know about the referrals until I had purchased.

Make sure you check your spam folder, and make sure is whitelisted.


There should have been an auto-response right away. That is indeed odd - try emailing again? And I’m sure @Rita will see this and check into it.

Great idea about referral fees - will investigate!