Referral Page Brings a 500 Error

Can someone help me? The referral page is bringing up a 500 error.

Thank you.

What’s your referral URL? Mine is working. (

Thank you. The referral link works fine but not the referral page at the top right of the Glowforge page when logged in (see below).

Mine works… unfortunately, it still shows 0.

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I think a 500 error is a server error, and they have to fix those individually on their end. (I had one for a couple weeks once, long ago.)

Don’t know how long it takes normally, but be prepared to wait for a while. :neutral_face:

Yes, thank you. I saw someone late last year had the issue and they had to fix it on their end. Perhaps one of the staff will take note of the post.

@VIP, I’m glad to hear the link works. I’ve let our team know about this issue.

If you continue to run into it, please write in to and let us know the email you used to purchase so we can make it right!