Referral process

I now have a Glowforge (YES!), and soon many other people will as well.
@dan or @Rita (or any @GlowforgeStaff) can you give us any additional information on how the referral process will work?
I have some specific questions:

  1. Will we just get unannounced refunds against our credit card?
  2. What if the number has changed?
  3. How will we know if one of our referral codes was used by someone who has canceled?

I found a few old threads with only limited information.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


If we have already received our forever unit, can we still give out the referral link to gain credits toward a future purchase?


We’re working on a referrals FAQ right now - stay tuned. And yes, you can definitely get more referrals now. If you spread the word, we’ll take care of you for it! :slight_smile: