Referral Questions

How long does it take to show that someone has used your referral code from the time they purchase? I had someone say they purchased using my referral code but I never got the email or the credit showing that I got credit yet? Also, do weekends make it slower or what?

You have to wait until they’ve passed the return window. I don’t remember what that is, a month maybe?

Before it shows as being referred? I’m not talking about getting the money

Yeah, I don’t think it even shows up until that takes effect.

gotcha, thank you

Here are the guidelines for the referral program specifically if you scroll down to #8 under the Terms of Participation

You’ll find some of the answers you’re looking for there. Can’t say why you wouldn’t have gotten an email, yet, confirming someone used your code. My last referral, I think it took a few days before I got an email? May have to do with when their machine is shipped to them. I had a few referrals during the pre-order phase and I had staggered emails when their machines started to ship years later. The program has changed a little from back then, though.

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well it’s odd I didn’t get his referral, very odd. No telling what happened but thanks for your response.

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