Referral Transfer email issue

So I’ve been SO pleased with the referral program and the team thus far, and I know that they are swamped with other issues. But I’m worried.

I am having trouble getting the transfer requests sent to my email and the ones that the support team have sent me say, “youve already spent the credit” I know that is impossible because my last Proofgrade purchase was totally covered by a card. I have a LOT of referrals stuck in credit added and now I am not sure what to do. I havent heard an update from my support ticket in a couple weeks. I just hope the referrals come through. Its never been an issue until now.

Any advice would help. It just stinks seeing the a TON of credit sit there. Now I am afraid to make any purchases of proofgrade because I dont want it to affect my transfers. :frowning:

The Glowforge shop switched its software a couple months ago and at that time everybody’s credits were switched to gift cards. I haven’t tried to spend my credits since then so I can’t give specifics but try poking around on the gift card links and see if that solves your issue.


I’m so sorry for the frustration, @shopokoa! While payouts have been a little quicker in the past, we expect you will see payment around 30 days. Our Referral Terms promise payment for referred orders within 60 days of the referred orders shipment. You may review the terms here.