Refrigerator magnet mania

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I found another great use for scrap material. Magnets! I came up with several different themes to please the various people in my life. My husband and I are both avid F1 fans. The motorcycle one is for my husband’s motogp buddies. The cardinal you might recognize from the shadowbox tutorial - I simply made it smaller. The windmill/swallow is for my dutch friends/family. And even though we don’t technically live in moose country, it is not too far to the north… And, Christmas can never come too early (note the blue acrylic background). Let’s not forget the 4 names - grandkids of friends of ours - so they can display their photos or drawings. One of them noted all the wood lasered items appearing in the house and said: “where does all this stuff come from all of a sudden?” :grin:

Got these great little square magnets that have adhesive on the back.

You can find the moose magnet in the Free Design section.

You can also find the cardinal design in the Tips and Tricks section - you’ll just need to resize it to smaller.


Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for the resources.


These are great! Love the names, cardinal and nativity scene. Ok, who doesn’t love a moose!?


Very nice! Those are all great, and an inspiration to me…I’d been wondering what I could make for the 28 coworkers in my department for a holiday gift…personalized fridge magnets it is! Thank you for sharing!


Glad you like the idea! They make great little gifts and uses up scrap bits of wood.

I love the mini scenes.


Yes! I made a cardinal fridge magnet and gave it to my mom. She likes it so much, she’s requested one for her neighbor. Except instead of a cardinal, she wants her initial. So yay, I get to do one from scratch! Maybe I should have posted this in the shadowbox tutorial, but it’s applicable to the magnets too. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yeah - good for you! :smiley:
I just met with a friend yesterday who has 12 grandkids – guess I’m making 12 name magnets!


Wow, great ideas and wonderful sharing of resources. Thanks.


Those are fantastic!


Thanks for all the extra resources in this post! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Glad you like it! Enjoy your Glowforge!

I hadn’t seen your magnets before! I am now inspired to make a 3D magnet of my Tesla Model 3…it’s bright shiny red so will have to use acrylic I guess. At work of all the electric vehicles (EVs) we have in our parking garage, as of December the Tesla Model 3 bypassed all the other EVs in specific models. There are 3 other Model 3s sharing the floor with mine … our work has LOTS of magnets all made by the company…all movie inspired…so thinking I want to step it up a little… hadn’t really thought it about it as a 3D magnet. :wink: TFS

Glad to inspire you! Looking forward to see what you make. :grinning: