Refurb unit not working Part II

I opened this topic yesterday. I had a brief text conversation with someone from support who assured me they would send me an email yesterday. Well, 24 hours later, no email, no resolution and my original topic was closed.

I am asking for this to be reopened. I used the refurb unit once and the head has decided it will no longer move. The camera does not see anything. I checked all the clips. The lenses are clean. Needless to say, with $600 in supplies sitting, and orders to fill, I’m more than a little frustrated right now.

The email would have been sent before they closed the original post - check your spam folder and add to your whitelist.
Posting here will notify them there is an issue with email and they’ll work with you to get that straightened out.


I checked my spam mail first because I know hotmail eats mail from senders it doesn’t recognize (even some it should), but alas. nothing.
I was so happy to get my refurb unit after a month without a working machine, and now it’s just so disappointing to be without it again.

Hi @donnalynn829. I am so sorry for our delayed response but we’ve reached out via email since you’ve opened this topic regarding your replacement part. I’m going to leave this topic open for now to make sure that the reply got to you. Will you let us know if it didn’t come through?

Hi there.
I got an email telling me that a part was being sent, but I didn’t get any information as to why that particular part or how the “fix” was diagnosed.

I received the cable, but there are no instructions. What am I supposed to do with it?


Thank you!!

My husband installed the new cable, and the head is still not moving.

My husband replaced the cable and the issue has not been resolved.

I’m not sure how Support came to the diagnosis that it was the cable because that information was not shared with me, but it seems to have been incorrect.
Now what?

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear the trouble is persistent.

I see you emailed us as well, and we’ve just responded there.

I’ll keep this forum post open until we hear back from you.

I did not receive the response to my email. :frowning_face: I checked my junk folder and it wasn’t there either.

Hi there - I’m just circling back to close up this topic, as I see we’ve been able to get in touch via email. We’ll finish up everything in that thread. Thanks!