Refurbished glowforge question

Long story short, my laser wasn’t firing. Sent photos and videos to glowforge, and they told me they’d have to take my glowforge back for an unknown amount of time and that they’d send a refurbished one.

My only question is that if I receive a refurbished one, after paying the fee, will I get the same model? Only asking because I paid for a pro and would hate to end up with a refurbished basic.

I’ve read topics about the refurbished which have no complaints and say they work fine, I just want to know if they received the same model they returned.

As far as I know, your replacement machine will be the same as your original.


This is giving me hope! Thank you!

Since models differ in more ways than initial cost, they would not send something different than what you already own.


Hi there. It looks like we are working on this with you through email, and to avoid any potential confusion with multiple threads, I’ll go ahead and close this Community post. Thank you!