"refurbished" machine not working. Two days with no response from Glowforge

We received our refurbished machine and in less than one week it is not working. Received support for exactly one day, and now – crickets. The machine is still not working. We sent pictures and a response on 9/28 at 4PM. Since then - nothing. Problem was never resolved. Now we get no support from support. Where do we go next? [support+id242953@glowforge.zendesk.com]. Interestingly – today is the day our 1-year warranty runs out. HELP please.

You’ve opened a duplicate support ticket by posting in this section, which slows down response times, so avoid that next time. :slight_smile: They’ll honor your warranty, since the issue was reported before it ended. Hang tight, they’ll get you fixed up!

Wouldn’t post here if I had a response from them as timely as yours was. Just an acknowledgement that they are “on it” would be appreciated. Don’t believe that is asking too much.

Yeah, I get it. They can be slow, but they take good care of us. Sorry you’re out of commission, I hope you hear back soon!

Not sure what the problem was that you were having, but there was a system wide performance issue that everyone was struggling through last weekend while support tried to find it.
They think they have it fixed now, so if you haven’t used the machine since then, try it and see if the problem still exists.

Hi Derek, I’ve just responded to our email thread so I am going to close this topic. I apologize once again for the delayed response as we caught up with the system-wide issue that Jules mentioned.

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