Relay by Republic thing

This is kinda a neat idea. I might want a couple of these for the shop :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been a republic customer from about 2012 and they have been a mostly good compony so far. I do not think they are planning on charging a monthly bill for using it at launch either.


No camera. How would you survive? :smile:


If they made one that looked like a Star Trek com badge (original series) I’d be all over that :grinning:


The broadcast feature on the google home (and mini) is like this. Soooo nice!

Actually in favor of such items. I see Facebook and other social media is pushing for the young child business, and I feel that is wrong headed (kids see electronic parental permissions as a contest).

Tough enough keeping your children safe these days without wondering about people communicating from hundreds of miles away with make believe names//handles…

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