Remaining warranty transferable?

We bought the Glowforge Pro about ten months ago and have hardly used it. If we sell the machine, does the rest of the warranty transfer to the new owner?
Thank you!

Warranty policies are pretty specific to your purchase, because the terms have changed over time.

I would suggest emailing They’re going to be the only authoritative answer, and they don’t read posts in this part of the forum.

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Yes, it does transfer.

We want everyone to have the amazing experience of printing on a Glowforge 3D Laser Printer. If you purchase a used or secondhand printer, we’d be happy to make sure you have an account and a copy of the manual to ensure safe printing. We’ll even apply the remainder of the machine’s original warranty to you.


I’ve always known this to be the case also (no problem transferring), but it really should be updated on the warranty document as well since that’s ultimately the governing documentation for their warranty policy.

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