Remembering settings after Ignore layer - Feature Request/Feedback

A quick request for the hopper that I would love to see.

I have to batch jobs with multiple steps/layers and it would be utterly fantastic if I could set up all my layers and input settings, then set some to Ignore so that I could cut the first steps, and THEN when I come back and turn those layers back on, the settings would be there.

As it is now, if you set a layer to Ignore and then turn it back on, all the settings are back at default (1000 speed, 1 power, etc). It remembers the focus height, but it should remember everything else.

For someone that has complex, multi-step cuts and needs to do 5-6 operations per piece, and has to cut 25, 50, or 100 pieces, having to retype in settings is both tedious and error-prone.



I asked to get layer naming added to direct cuts, scores, engraves. It would be cool to combine your suggestion and mine so we could add order of operation, type of operation, and even settings. They (GF) would have to establish the taxonomy but it might look something like this:


Add a pause (for flipping materials) and maybe even a warning, caution or note to help control the material your design is for. Name layer 0 “Medium Maple” and the GF throws a message (Your design is expecting Medium Maple… Are you sure? Y/N" if that material isn’t selected or present in the tray.

Then make it all configurable or optional so those who don’t want the feature don’t have to use it.

ps: don’t make the users order that layers in their files, let the GFUI reorder layers like it does now.

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I would love this. I run a lot of jig operations (almost every job I run) - so I run a quick 500/1 score to verify placement accuracy and then flip the subsequent operations on to complete the job.

I’d love for ignore to act more like hidden layers, where settings are retained just currently disabled, like clicking layer visibility in AI or Photoshop.


Yes, precisely. Leave everything as-is, just let us toggle it on and off quickly. Speaking of which, quick one-click access to hide/show would be awesome as well, since we currently need 3 or so clicks.

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Thanks! I’ve captured all your ideas!