Reminder: Adobe Max starts tomorrow

And it’s free. Even if you don’t use adobe products, there are some creativity/inspirational sessions that aren’t based on software.


Hoping I have time to fit some of these in this year!

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register anyway. most of the sessions will be available to watch later on-demand. the only ones that won’t will be ones that have some of the more famous people (like the sneak peeks with keenan thompson), where they aren’t able to leave them available for more than a few days (or maybe a few weeks).


Oh, yeah. I already did. I’m rarely an optimist, but I guess it was a good day.

Last year they gave us snazzy masks that my son promptly stole. He liked it so much that I almost bought more of them (blank, of course).

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Thanks! Just signed up!

The Marketplace is so fun to browse. This may eat up my entire afternoon.

thanks for the heads up. I registered. They even have some free adobe stock images for people who register, which I thought was cool.

Damn, Illustrator can now raytrace and export 3d objects. :no_mouth:

And in vaguely laser related news: if anyone’s using their Substance suite - Stager can export depth maps for your vary power engraves. So you could use the new 3D tools in AI, see pic from demo below, to give your designs depth and pop that out to Stager for a depth map.


there have been a bunch of cool things today, but most of the things that had me sitting on the edge of my seat were team-based things. Like improvements to CC Libraries and Adobe Canvas. And a few things still on the roadmap for InDesign (online editing, style groups).

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I actually uninstalled InDesign today. I just never ever use it. Not sure if I’ve actually used it since I left the corporate world.

I’ll try and remember to update the PC at work to 2022 tomorrow and check out copy/paste into the app. The good news is that it still works on Mac for 2022.

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I spend 75% of my work day in InDesign.


For the iPad users: Illustrator for iPad now has a vectorize feature and it’s actually pretty decent, woohoo!
(it’s extremely similar to the desktop version’s Live Trace, why they didn’t normalize the naming I don’t know)

Convert raster images to vector art.


ok, if you’re an illustrator user, this session will blow your mind.

i listened in to most of it and watched some of it (on deadline for work), but i will definitely go back and rewatch when i can focus on it.


terry white on transforming images in photoshop. lots of selection tools and neural filters.

@shop have you figured a way to change the playback speed for the on demand sessions?

no, there don’t seem to be any controls for that.

Drat! At least the videos will be free to watch for a year. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one is full of great AI tips, too. (Presented in Japanese, if you’re familiar with the menus already not hard to follow along and the presenter is a cute cartoon dog)

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I can’t update to the latest versions. :cry: I’m running Mojave because it’s the last version that allows you to run 32 bit software and there is one app I have that still hasn’t 64 bit-ified.

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