Reminder: Adobe Max starts tomorrow

FYI, I installed AI2022 on the work PC and it seems to be copying and pasting over just fine to the GF app - correct scale and everything.


may test that right now (about to “die cut” some proposal covers).

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand score. they have unborked it.

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gah! bitten by the curse of “not QUITE 11” tall cutting area. going to have to manually cut the 11x17 out and eyeball the die cut. even that 0.02" is obvious enough when you put the cover on top of the insides.



I just got smacked by the 4x8ft plywood is no longer 4 feet by 8 feet curse…it’s been shrunken an eighth of an inch in both dimensions. My carefully crafted cut plan for 4 sheets of it for my new CNC table needed to be redone - fortunately before I began cutting the stuff. I’ve got it densely packed and losing that eighth of an inch would have cost me a few parts on each sheet.

I know most people don’t care about nominal measurements vs real ones, but we’re makers for goodness sake. Measurements matter.

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it kills me here, though. come on, GF! give me 2 hundredths of an inch more!

and you’d think a nominal 2 hundredths of an inch wouldn’t matter. but you can see it visually when you put the slightly smaller cover on top of a regular sheet.

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I’m always amazed at how we can see very small differences in size, level or square. It’s actually quite remarkable.

some of that is just experience. a trained eye picks up all kinds of minute things without even looking for them.

when i review younger designer’s work, sometimes it’s live and i’ll just start pointing lots of little things out (double spaces, inch marks instead of quotes, wrong dashes, line breaks and rags, a line with leading off by one point) and they’ll say, “how do you spot all that stuff so quickly?” and it’s just doing it for decades. things jump out at you.

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