Remove images from the screen

I’m making custom cell phone stands.I go to home an click on the template for the phone. The image comes up on my piece of proof grade material plus the other images I already made that I place on the phone stand. I have to grab each image and move it away from where I want to make a new stand with new design. Is there a way to remove these designs?

Click them and hit “delete”.

Just select it and hit the delete key.

You can also click the little triangle thing in the upper-right corner of your template on the home screen and choose “Make a copy”. That way you can keep the template untouched and use a fresh copy for each design.

Why don’t you put them in separate project files, instead of all in the same one?



Thanks didn’t think of that


As Chris mentioned, this is a fool proof method for repeat projects.

The designs I use often stay as saved, and any changes are in the copy, which you can toss (delete) when done.
Very handy method.

Thanks for the answers everyone! I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other issues, go ahead and post a new topic.