Removing material

Just wondering - do people open the front door of the Glowforge to remove materials, or come at it from the top?

I’ve been opening the front door (and the lid, of course) and I find it’s much easier to remove material from the bed.


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I generally take it out from the top. (Being careful not to hit or move the head.) :slightly_smiling_face:


The only time I open the front on my Basic is to remove/replace the tray. Smacked the head on my PRU a few times :flushed: before learning to be absolutely sure the material was out of the way before lifting.


Yeah, I bonked the head once and realized for me it’s much easier to remove material when the front door is open.

I open the front door when inserting/removing particularly large sheets of material. I usually only open the top lid when pulling out cut items.

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