Removing the paper backing from PG Draft Board with Clorox GreenWorks

Have a lot of prints and was wearing down my fingernails removing the paper backing. I saw on the forum a topic for removing the paper using a cleaner. So I tried Green Works by Clorox, 98% natural ingredients.

So I place the prints on a paper towel, sprayed on the GW so that the towel absorbed the over flow but that also soaked the backside paper of the prints.

While wet paper backing was much easier to remove; flipped the print and that side was wet enough do that backside paper came off easily.

the glue dissolved. AND most of the smell came with it!!


I have been doing the same with hand sanitizer cleaning both any gunk built up by the smoke as well as dissolving the adhesive from the masking, Other have used denatured alcohol, and even the orange hand cleaner made for getting automotive grease off of you hands.

There is a couple of caveats however. One s that the glue that holds MDF together is also dissolved which is problematic to your work in MDF hardboard as well as PG plywood and a few others that use MDF for the core material. the other problem is that the softer woods like Poplar or Basswood , and open woods like Oak or softer Maples will absorb the liquids and warp badly. this can be a boon if what you want is curved wood but curved or flat you will need to hold it in place til it dries completely to keep that shape.


Its been a day to dry.
I dont seen any bending or de-lamination of the PG med. draft bard print.
I did dry them off after removing the paper backings.

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