Hi everyone i need so help I’m trying to make a Acrylic lamp for my son and i got the picture but i want to remove the background so i can make it for him i try Photoshop but i can’t do it any suggestions.


What background? All I see is a black and white image…


i want to remove the picture and the letters so i can move it anywhere i want thats all


I read that and went…

What you mean is you need a vector you can move parts of the image around to engrave.

Basically this.


Thank you and sorry i don’t know the name Ok is Vector any special tool to make Vector of pictures like this one spiderman and Thank you again


What you are looking for and asking for is ‘How do I trace a raster/bitmap to a vector’

Common vector packages/apps.




You can also use the search function in the forum. image

For example ‘trace vector’ or ‘trace bitmap’


Thank you I appreciated your help


It must be very frustrating for non-English speakers to learn these kinds of skills in a primarily-English community, especially when many native English speakers have worse grammar than some of those others… :slight_smile:


This community seems much better in that respect than many others that I have participated in, in the past. But, it’s a good reminder to us all not to assume that everyone speaks English as their primary language.