Renaming and Removing Inactive Printer

Can someone help me to remove the printer that is inactive. Also is it possible to rename our Basic? I was looking for a way to do it under Settings but did not see an option to do either.



A staff member will have to do that - they might take this to email, but if you tell them here what you want to name your Basic they might be able to do it all as a one-shot :slight_smile:


Always wondered that. My list is longer lol

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Yeah, I kinda typed that message with the idea in mind that someone from their support team would read it and get back to me. I did do a search for it before hand and that’s what I saw that they did. It would be nice if they added that feature to our settings so we could do it on our own. That is not a major emergency that I need done tomorrow lol…

Well we just got our replacement Plus and I went to remove it and saw that I do not actually have a way to do that on my own. Kinda dumb lol what if I sell one? Oh well I’ll wait for someone to reach out :slightly_smiling_face:

You get to name your machine when you first hook up to it - it’s part of the setup process, but if you miss it then it requires staff intervention.

and I 100% think if they gave people the ability to delete machines we’d be getting people constantly saying they accidently removed their machine, how do they get it back :stuck_out_tongue:


My sincere apologies for the delayed response!

We’ve gone ahead and sent you an email to work on this so I’m going to close this thread in the meantime.

Also, thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.