Rendering error


Doing a quick cheese board for my son’s wedding on Saturday and the render introduced and odd artifact into the engraving. This is a vector engrave.

What it looks like in Inkscape (the green box is to show that there isn’t anything between the B and E in “BE” that should engrave - it’s not in the file uploaded to the GFUI).

Here’s what it rendered as in the GFUI

Again, nothing between the letters B and E.

Here’s what engraved:

Notice the bar attaching the B to the E.

It happened (the rendering) about 830pm Eastern.


is the middle cross smeared over? That is a strange deal there. Looked at the outline view?


I am also getting married on Saturday, but sadly 2 years was not enough lead time to get a glowforge to help make things for the wedding




Nope. Nice and crisp. That’s why I thought it might be a source file issue. I’ll have to check the outline view tomorrow.


Yeah, congrats! :grinning:


Congratulations to @joshferintino and @jamesdhatch!!! :champagne: :champagne:


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Happy cake day!

I’m sorry you weren’t able to make things for the wedding. I know it’s been a long wait … feel we will be overjoyed when we do receive our Glowforge.


Congratulations to your family as you celebrate your son’s wedding! Such an exciting time!


I’m having a lot of trouble with svg files. You might want to try it as a rasterized pdf. I bet it will work just fine then.


If you want some help with SVG files, a lot of us would be happy to help by taking a look at the files you might be having issues with, if you want to start a new thread (not trying to butt in on the OP’s original post). There are some intricacies involved in designing specifically for a CNC-type machine over say print/web design.


No issue in outline mode in Inkscape.

I think it was a rendering hiccup.


I’m so sorry that didn’t print as expected. We’ve seen this before when there are overlapping shapes that are set to engrave.

Can you check your design file for overlapping areas in the “BE”? If you find some, would you move them so they don’t overlap, try again, and let us know how it goes?


Need to remember that solution. Guessing the problem could be around for awhile.


There are no overlapping areas. I looked at it in outline mode in Inkscape and they’re just hanging out there by themselves. There’s nothing under them as the green background screenshot shows (I dropped that in just for troubleshooting).

I’ll go back and see if there’s some overlap that is much bigger than the “BE” as when I looked in outline view I was somewhat zoomed in on the diagram.

We used it at the rehearsal dinner last night and no one noticed that the bar was there or that it shouldn’t be there :grinning:


The curly bit of the D from drink overlaps Eat and causes the GF get confused about inside and outside there. The preview looks like a union but the actual engrave is the symmetric difference.

I don’t think that has anything to do with the E problem though unless the bar of the E is a separate object.


Hope it is a beautiful ceremony!


Thanks for checking that for us. Would mind sharing the file by posting it here or emailing it to us at