Rendering Software Used?

I have noticed several designers posting images that are likely computer renderings. Would anyone happen to know what software is making these images? I love the look and would like to see if I can utilize it for my own product images/photos.

Here is an example:

Miniature House of Herbal Fairy With Flowers and Plants


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Doesn’t look like a rendering to me. Just used a light box with ample lighting, and touched it up in an editing program.


Hmmm… looks too perfect to me. Particularly with the layers of the plywood showing. :slight_smile:

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No idea what software it is but that is 100% a rendering.

Could be Kyub?

Could just be fusion360 or blender?


Could be fusion 360, I use illustrator for some renders. I think Rino and shape up can do it too but not for sure on those last two.


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