Repair after cutting off finger guard

I removed the finger guard from my laser and now need to send it in to be repaired (laser tube issues). Will Glowforge repair the tube or just decline the repair?

Is it still under warranty? Don’t know the answer to your question, but they are being pushed closer and closer to getting an official answer on repair of “modified” machines I think… Following this one closely. :slight_smile:


No not under warranty. I would pay for the repairs. It’s a $2500 machine I got nearly a year’s use out of before the laser quality started to go down.

I’m not sure which part you mean when you say “finger guard”.


Bet it’s the fan grill. It’s there to keep your fingers out of the blades. Or the blades from spinning off into your room to bounce off the wall behind it, ricochet off the table and bite you in the eyeball.


Ah, he means the first-stage dust collector… :smiley:


Thanks @jamesdhatch. The “grill” covering a fan is technically called a finger guard. But I guess I could have been more descriptive. Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:.

I have already contacted support twice for an answer to this over the last week or so. Guess I’ll have to do it a third time?

Posting here opening another ticket, as does each email.

It can take over a week for questions like this.

I don’t know our repair partner’s policy on this, and am investigating. I’ll reply when I have more information!


Thanks, Rita.

Please, if possible, ask about machines with no exhaust fan to stick ones fingers into if the dust collector guard has been removed.


Been a week … still waiting…

@jglazer, I’m sorry for the wait, but happy to say that I’ve had a whole lot of conversations with the team and have published a new support page about Repairs for Modified Glowforge Products accordingly. It sounds like your Glowforge falls under the final section, “Out of warranty repairs on modified Glowforge products.” I believe the document answers as much as we can without the technicians seeing the unit, so I’m going to close this thread. Do let us know here or by email if you have more questions for us!