Repair of Print Head - NEED HELP!


I received my Glowforge a few weeks ago and hit a snag on setup. When I was installing the print head, the magnetic top popped off and the small plastic piece with mirror top popped out. I wasn’t sure which way the piece was oriented originally - and there were NO instructions regarding this piece anywhere. When I put the mirror in first the magnetic top would not close so naturally I put the piece in the way it would allow the top to close. WOW, DO I TOTALLY REGRET THIS.

When I ran my sample ruler, the laser beam melted the plastic and some of the part is now enclosed within the print head. I reached out to support and waited, and waited, and waited. I did not hear back within 3 days. It took them 8 days, and it was a short reply with links to parts I need to buy to replace.

I am okay with that, however, I CANNOT open the print head to get the melted plastic out. I desperately am in NEED of HELP. I immediately replied to the support ticket stating that I do not have the tools and that I need additional instruction or would like to send the print head back to Glowforge for repair.

I am still waiting to hear back from Support (Jae L) on what to do or the tool I need to open the print head. I would prefer to send the part back for repair.

I do not think the instructions were clear and I think this piece could have been better secured. At this point, I am just looking for help to repair. Otherwise, my 3k Glowforge is now just an eyesore as it is not usable.


Which part …the top is magnetic which holds the mirror the lens pops out with the blue tool that come with the lens? What’s need repair?

There was a small blue part with a mirror on top (directly under the magnetic top). the plastic melted and dropped down the hole. Do you think I can remove the yellow lens on the side in order to get the melted pieces out. I am worried :confused:

Hmmm…ypu can try but sounds like your go in to have yo wait until they get back to you…sounds like nothing you can fix yourself…wonder why it melted? Sorry

At this point, wait to hear from support. You can turn the machine off, go ahead and carefully remove the ribbon cable and head from the machine, using the reverse of the assembly instructions here:

Then just wait. You inserted the mirror upside down and melted it off into the head with the laser beam, you’re probably going to need another one.


The good news is it is all fixable if it is as you describe. Someone from :glowforge: will be in touch soon as posting here opens a ticket. If I had to guess I’d guess that they will want to trade heads with you so that they fix that one at their leisure.

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Haven’t checked but if it the mirror in the head was installed backwards the beam would hit the plastic and not the mirror. Wouldn’t have thought that was possible but clearly it is if she did it.

Thanks, I am trying to wait for support, however, I told them the entire issue and they didn’t fully acknowledge that I was asking for the tool and/or repair.

Yes, I did that @Jules - thank you. Patiently waiting to hear back from Glowforge on help with repair. I just want to get it working. Fingers crossed @markevans36301!

I’m fairly sure you’re not going to be able to repair that, they will probably have to send you a new head. So just shut 'er down until you hear from them. Sorry. :neutral_face:


Not sure why you would need tools. The top comes off with magnets and so does the lens. You should then be able to see all the way through.

If you can get the melted plastic out you might just need a new mirror. If it has dripped on the lens and damaged it then a new lens too.

If it has stuck onto the white plastic cylinder that the lens attaches too that might be more problematical.

I think the tools you need to open it further are Allen keys to remove the four bolts around the lens aperture.


Thanks @palmercr. I may try to remove the lens this evening and see if I can get further in to remove what parts fell down in there. I will look at using an allen key to remove those 4 tiny bolts but I am hesitant to start opening things up without more dialogue with Glowforge (I should have jumped on the forum when I was confused about the mirror head in the first place).

Yes I don’t think you would gain much opening the screws. The lens and mirror are user replaceable parts but I don’t think GF sell the white tube that moves the lens up and down. If you are lucky that will still be OK.


This is for reference purposes, so you can see how the assembly works:

Top view with lid off:

If the blue piece melted, it may have made it’s way down to the lens carrier. The lens carrier is the white piece in this photo (which is what someone would see if they removed the four screws in the above picture - but you should never do that unless instructed to do so by support):


I’m very sorry for the delay in responding to you. Since we’re already working on this in email, I’ve followed up with you there and I’m going to go ahead and close this forum thread.