Repair / replace White laser head cable. - ORANGE BUTTON ERROR

I found a great instructional on How to replace the broken cable
and also a place that sells the parts:

The instructions:

and the parts:


I did it, and IT WORKED!

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Good to know!

the trick was I cut a notch in the old cable, and then used thin tape to pull it thru the drive chain (you have to remove the hold down screws)

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don’t they have other methods of diagnostics instead of replacing parts trial and error?

For lots of things, but the GF isn’t the Mars lander. There are a bunch of sensors within the unit but most were put in place to keep the machine from self destructing not necessarily to identify a specific failure. There is logged data that helps identify a problem area but the most likely cause of that failure seems to be determined through historical repair data.

My opinion: More sensors means more processing, more cabling and more expense. Just another source of failure. Seems every time my car has a problem it ends up being one of the sensors that were put in place to diagnose other problems. That said, I am not a fan of how the unit was designed without onsite repair a priority.

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I want to buy the laser head ribbon cable, but it has been out of stock. (I contacted the etsy store owner and they said something about another shipment this week, but the shop hasn’t updated since :frowning_face: ) Does anyone have a spare one? I would pay the price you bought it for + shipping + extra