Repair return broken

Went to pick up my GF at fedex today… the people at Fedex said there was glass…

had to refuse delivery.

i tried to reply to the original support ticket email, but got this as a response, so I presume I need to open a new ticket.


Still don’t know why GF refuses to put a massive fragile sticker on the top, or a TV graphic. The second one would probably encourage placing the box on its side, though. Sorry to hear about this, that’s tough when you’re waiting to be able to use it again, only for the replacement needing to be replaced.

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thanks. i think i’d rather see a little better packing on the glass side than the stickers. i really don’t think the shipping companies pay attention to any stickers that don’t say biological hazard on them (and even then).


Because who would care?

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“Fragile” is French for “Stomp here.”


I am so sorry to hear that! I see that you’ve emailed, and we’ll respond there shortly.

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