Repair timeline

How long does it typically take for a machine to be repaired?

My laser stopped working July 22nd, almost 3 weeks after my warranty ended. After a few days, Glowforge decided it could not be fixed remotely, and I mailed it back to Glowforge on July 25th. It took a week to get there. Then it sat in their warehouse. I emailed August 6th to get an update. A Glowforge representative told me they would be working on my machine that week. I emailed again August 17th. They emailed me back the next day and said they refunded the $200 shipping charge I had spent to mail it back. They still did not say what is wrong or if it could be fixed. I emailed again August 20th to beg for an answer. They sent me an invoice for $875 with no explanation except “parts and labor.” I emailed on the 25th to see if they could fill out my credit card warranty form, so I could get reimbursed for the repair work. They emailed me back August 27th to say they cannot fill out the form, but they will email me some other form from the technician. They emailed me a generic receipt that said the repair cost was for parts and labor. It still did not say what is wrong.
I still don’t have my machine or an idea of when I could get it back.
Is this typical? I have been without my machine since July 25th. I had a plus if that matters.

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Yes, that is typical. They do not have visibility into what specifically needed to be repaired. Repairs are handled by a contracted third-party company.

It was stated here recently that repairs are running around three weeks from time of receipt.

Okay. Mine has been there for 4 weeks, so I guess I’ll keep waiting.

GF support would love to be able to provide a step-by-step update but unfortunately there is no mechanism in place to allow that.

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@buckleynb I am so sorry that you are without your Glowforge! We are working to get it back to you as soon as we can. I am so sorry for the delay. I’m going to close out this ticket since we are working with you over email.