Repair turned into refurbished? what should I do!?

I sent my laser in 2 weeks ago for repair. I just got an e-mail saying “there’s an issue that will prevent this repair from being completed on time” They are saying they have no estimate when they will repair my unit and that since it will likely be weeks to repair my unit, they have offered me a refurbished unit that will ship out in 2 weeks. My question is, I have plus unit that I purchased May 2019, when it came with the 45 WATT laser. Since then, the plus has changed to a 40W, and possibly other changes that I am unaware of. I have since responded asking them if I will be getting a refurb that exactly matches my unit, AKA 45 WATT laser. But am waiting to hear back. If they tell me I will be getting the new “plus” model with the 40 Watt laser as my refurb…what do you think I should do??? this all sounds very odd to me to be honest.

Nope, it’s not dishonest. There was a recent announcement that they are moving the repair facility to a larger better facility and while they are doing that, the lead times on repair are going to be astronomical for the customers. So while that is going on, they are giving customers the option of replacing their old machines with a refurbished model for the cost of the repair.

Refurbished models run in the thousand plus dollars range, and you can have one in two weeks for the cost of what yours would have taken to repair, or you can wait much longer and have yours repaired later for the same cost. (You will not know how long that will take, and I’m guessing months, not weeks.)

So this is a courtesy they are offering to their customers while they move the facility.

This was the announcement that you missed.


Hi @tfidalgo21 and thank you @Jules!

I just replied directly to your email addressing these concerns, so I’m going to close this thread.

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