Repeat Air Assist Error

I apologize to the GF support staff, as I know when I post here they will get an 2nd support ticket from me, but beings it’s a weekend, I am hoping someone in the community will have some advice regarding my problem. (I have researched this problem in this forum, and although many people have had the same issue, the post is always closed out with the comment that it is being handled through email, thus, not giving me the information I could use :frowning: )

I have the GF basic… less than a month old. I got the air assist error (yes, I was using magnets, which may have set the warning off) I removed the magnets and tried again, but that didn’t work.

I went through the instructions for cleaning the air assist fan, and cleaned everything, although they had very little debris on them. (actually went through this process twice) I have even cleaned my exhaust fan and hose. I have cleaned the contacts on the laser head and on the carriage. I depressed the gold pins on the laser head to make sure they spring back (they do).

Still get the air assist error when I start the print. Any suggestions?? Right now I am pretty frustrated, as I imagine most of you can relate to.

If all of those steps did not resolve the issue, I can only think that the magnets have permanently damaged the fan, and support will have to work with you on a replacement.

Thank you for your reply. Absolutely not what I wanted to hear, but appreciate the reply. It would’ve been beneficial to have warnings about magnets at the onset, since it’s obviously an issue with this machine. (not your issue, I know… you’re are just being very nice!!)

FWIW I have been using very strong neodymium magnets for two years, BUT I don’t use anything to hold down materials for 95% of the work I do, so I guess I’m just lucky. None of the proofgrade materials need it, except for sometimes acrylic will warp after pieces have been cut from the larger sheet.

I use magnets for delicate work with chipboard, or card stock. I use hold-down pins for non-PG wood that doesn’t sit flat.

My magnets are so strong that if they get onto the bed without anything in between, I need a tool to pry them off.

I was using some little round magnets along the edge of some 3mm baltic birch that had a little warp. They’re only about 3mm high, and not that strong. And here’s something else, the small fan on the head comes on upon start-up. (reason I know is I forgot to turn the unit off and pulled the head off to ck the pins)

Did you disconnect and reconnect with the power on?

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The head? I disconnected, then when I saw the fan was on I shut it off, then reconnected. Note tho, this was after the numerous tries above.

While I’m waiting for support, anyone else have any ideas?

I’m afraid this is going to require support to inspect logs and, most likely, provide replacement parts.

They will close this thread as you have already opened a case by email, but many of us would appreciate a followup to know what the outcome was.

I received a reply by email last night… saying since I was getting help in the forum he would close that ticket out. I immediately replied not to close it out since we were unable to come to any successful resolution here. I will post an update once we get this figured out. Thank you!

That’s a first, but hopefully they will respond here shortly.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.