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I am a graphic designer and ordered a Glowforge 2 years before I received it. Mainly I wanted to do diecuts for specialty invitations. It has taken a LONG time to get it right with each type of paper stock, especially lining up pre-printed sheets. Since paper is so sensitive, I must do each sheet individually and when I am doing wedding invitations, the quantity can be up to 150 or more! I finally have a system, but the MOST frustrating part now is re-scanning EVERY SINGLE TIME! Yesterday my job took 28 seconds to run, 8 seconds to put a new sheet in my holding template and FORTY EIGHT seconds to prepare for the next print!
I know others have asked for a repeat button and I know the risks of something getting bumped or nudged in between sheets, but I WILL TAKE THE RISK! There are others I see who have simple, but repetitive work that would benefit. PLEASE consider a simple repeat command???
Sincerely Jan Kiefhaber ‘smartist’

thank you


Preach! I would kill for a repeat last job thing. Perhaps 3 quick presses of the magic button == repeat job.


AMEN to that. It’s dumb to have to go thru the entire cycle just to cut the same job over and over again!

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I was just thinking the same exact thing while working this morning. Great point!

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GF has previously hinted they won’t consider this for liability reasons - specifically that the material may have been changed between jobs.

That is not a reasonable assumption!!
If I am cutting the same file over and over again, it stands to reason I would be using the same material each time.

Lawyers gonna lawyer.


people have been asking for a repeat button for 3 years. T
he email reply I got from your staff member is a stock answer which I have seen before, even for this exact request…

"Thanks for reaching out!
That’s a great idea for a feature - thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.


How about something in the GFUI?

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Honestly the repeat button is a life saver on my other machine. But I also don’t have to use auto-focus and internet connected things for that, it’s all straight from computer to laser and back. The GlowForge is innovative in many areas, but some of the simpler ease of use options probably will never come to it.


I have been cutting several duplicate parts for awhile now! It’s a pain in the butt when I have to keep reloading my design ever time, since it takes almost 5 min to do the upload every time, before I can push the blue button.
So every time I use a full sheet of material, I have to wait for the machine to do it’s thing once the lid is opened, select my file, press the ready button and then wait the 5 min for the design to upload and then push the blue button.

I would love to know what your the machine is.

Yes, that is the stock answer but I got! I wonder if it will appear again when I say this?

IF GF is worried that we will switch to another material while we are doing repeat jobs, why don’t they just simply give us a button that says… Are you using the exact same material? And if you click yes ,the REPEAT button appears. That double checkS to see that we are not swapping materials.

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