Replace the Tension Pulley

I received a replacement Tension Pulley and am having trouble getting the screw with the new pulley to thread in the hole. I’ve enclosed a video from my phone of what I am doing - I’ve been at it for an hour. Any tips or help identifying what i am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

There is a plate that the screw threads into. Looks to me like yours has been moved from behind the slot. You might want to try poking around with a piece of wire bent like a hook to retrieve it.

Another option might be a magnet, as the plate is steel but the gantry is aluminum, so you might be able to slide it back that way.


This is what is known as “fishing” (reaching for something blindly).
The anchor you are trying to screw into is not captive, it moves. That’s how it is adjustable, and It has been displaced. You need to position the anchor (seen through the lower slot) up into the larger slot, and with great patience - rethread the wheel bolt into it.
Good luck with that. If you succeed, you have saved the expense and inconvenience of sending your machine back, and should get a merrit badge for mechanical ability.


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