Replaced Black Lid Cable and LED panel and still stick in calibration

My machine has been down for 3 weeks and I do not know what other troubleshooting I can perform. My GF is only 1.5 years old and I use it as a hobby machine not a business. A few weeks ago my glowforge got stuck in calibration, so GF sent me a black lid cable. I installed the black lid cable correctly as outlined by the instructions sent to me by the GF representative. The black lid cable shorted my led panel on the left side during a test cut.

GF then sent me a new black lid cable and LED panel, both installed correctly as outlined by the instructions. Now, my machine tube light will not come on, the camera will not take a picture, the print head will not move, and I am still stuck on the calibration step.

Has anyone had this happen to them? My connections are securely in place. I do not know what else to do and GF does not answer the phone or email. Sometimes so GF tech support can be a little difficult to reach.
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Not sure what you mean by tube light. If you mean the laser tube glowing that would never happen until after calibration is complete and a print job is started.

The camera image, LEDs, and lid sensors are all enabled through the black cable. Have seen a number of black cable replacements fail to fix the original problem. Some have been because the cable connections were installed slightly askew. Some have blown the circuit board during the installation. There are a lot of electronics that are fed by that cable. Any component could fail which would give the same symptoms as the black cable failure. Because the black cable has a history of high failure it is the go-to solution. Can’t think of anything else that is user repairable.


Ah thank you.

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