Replacement #3 no good

So I paid over $6000 for a pro. The first two would not cut on the right side. So # 3 is here and the door doesn’t close right and I notice scuff marks. I look on the shipping label and they sent me a refurbished machine. I paid for a new machine in August and have yet to get one that works and now you send me someone else’s junk?is the plan to keep sending poor products until the warranty runs out and leave me high and dry? I want a full refund or I’m getting legal counsel. This is beyond ridiculous. There are enough people that have been swindle by your company and received poor customer service that there should be a class action lawsuit. Enough is enough. Make it right!!!

This usually indicates that the surface your GF is sitting on isn’t totally flat - the case has a bit of flex in it. Try shimming different corners - your door close properly when you find the right one. It doesn’t take much, a few sheets of paper thickness usually.


Of course I’ve tried. It’s perfectly level. It’s the same surface the first two machines sat on. That’s not the issue.

Try lifting the right side of the machine up off of the table by a couple of inches, pull gently on it towards yourself, and set it back down. (The cases can twist slightly when you are setting them down, and that can be enough to cause the lid to catch.)

The machine came with those marks on the lid. Evidently it was sent in for this issue and they just sent it back out. I haven’t even used it yet

And for the record… if you READ the warranty, they can, at their discretion, send a refurbed unit. Not sure that I completely agree with the policy, but it IS clearly stated in the warranty.

And level… is not the same thing as flat. Regardless of whether the other two sat on the same place. Do the shims and verify that you can’t easily get the door to close by doing the work.


It was not sent in for scuff marks on the lid, the previous owner just never leveled it and scuffed it up a bit. It’s cosmetic.

Every major piece of electronics I’ve ever sent in under warranty (including a TV, three cell phones, a laptop, a printer and a tablet) were replaced with refurbished models. That’s totally normal for warranties. Even third party warranties, e.g. Squaretrade will send you a refurbished phone in exchange for your broken phone, not a new one.

Level this one out and give it a try. It’s been refurbished which means repaired, rebuilt and tested to good as new performance again. They’d be crazy to spend another $500+ in round trip shipping replacing it over a hidden scuff mark when you haven’t even used it yet.


It’s not the scuff mark. It’s flat, it’s level the lid has to be forced to shut. I understand warranty but when you buy a brand new machine and it didn’t work from the beginning don’t you think after spending over $6000 I would at least get a shot at one working new machine before giving a refurbished machine. I paid for a new working machine and I never received one. I don’t think I’m asking too much to get what I paid for.

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It’s flat, leveled, and shimmed. No matter what the door has to be forced shut.

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I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge arrived with this issue! I’ll send you an email shortly to discuss the next steps.