Replacement came in today, not cutting

I just received my replacement basic today and it’s not cutting smoothly.
I tried cutting the gift of good measure on the medium draftwood setting and 170/Full and didn’t cut at all.

Also tried cutting birch 140/FULL and it doesn’t cut 90%, it’s charring the edges bad and circles aren’t even even circles and when I look at the pieces it cuts out (tiny circles) they’re not even flat on the sides, they kinda slant in as if the laser isn’t going straight down. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I don’t know, I’m beyond frustrated, any ideas to try?!

Support will likely want to see photos of your gift of good measure. It will tell them more diagnostically than the circles.

Btw- the laser beam doesn’t cut totally straight down, it’s a cone. Granted it’s slight, but noticeable especially in thicker materials and pieces that fit together.

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Oh no! I’m devastated that your replacement arrived with cut through issues. Rest assured we will be here for you until we get you up and printing again.

I’ve responded on your current support ticket, so I’m going to close this topic.