Replacement came yesterday but it won’t cut materials

Does anyone have any suggestions? Everything seems to be set up correctly. Black lid cable on correctly. It was also very unevenly scoring. The crumb tray is in correctly.

I moved your post to Community Support, since that’s what it’s for :slight_smile:

Can you post pictures of the front and back of your Gift of Good Measure, as well as a screenshot of you computer showing everything from the commands on the left to the name of your machine on the right?

Fingers crossed it’s something easy!


Just to be sure - in the pictures it looks like the GoGM is loose (inside shadow on the right, outside shadow on the left) - is that just an artifact of your photo?

Are you using Set Focus before you hit go? (3 Dot menu, right of center)


The cut line for the Gift of Good Measure as well as the other items on the board seems quite thick. Perhaps double check the lens for proper installation, and make sure the honeycomb tray is properly seated.


I’m sorry I’m not sure what the GOGM is.

Tray is in perfect. I hit set focus. Then printed again. I also just switched printer heads.

Gift of Good Measure


Did you do this? Sometimes the lens can be put back in upside down.


Yes I did. In fact I have another print head and I tried that as well. It did the exact same.

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