Replacement carriage plate

I have been having email going back and forth from Suport. A total of 6 emails over 3 days. I need a Carriage Plate Assembly with belt, fan ect. I have communicated that my business is losing a lot of money daily not being able to run. I’ve been waiting for an invoice and yet 3 days later and 50 backed up orders I havent heard back with an invoice. I’m PISSED. is there anyone e out there who has one of these. Or maybe an employee there that doesnt find it hard to simply invoice me for a part so I can get my machine up and running ??? I’m appalled that you advertise these machines as a business product yet expect a busi ess to be shit down for weeks while you guys don’t do your job… seriously Very IRATE RIGHT NOW. I Didn’t pay 6,000 to have a paper weight and lose thousands of dollars. Im So upset. I’ll be buying another laser but it wont be from Glowforge and don’t think if you ignore me again and not let me order my part that I wont hire an attorney. Because being ignored and not allowing me to buy a part for my machine that only you sell is literally stopping me from doing my business. Ive done nothi g but be nice and waiting to buy a simple part that’s take 2 seconds to invoice. How unprofessional

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I can tell you are frustrated, but posting here when you are already in contact with support via email simply duplicates the effort support has to exert to clear problems. Also, you might want to proofread your post as you have included an unprofessional word inadvertently I believe.

Also, watch for the chat function on the support page as you might be able to get in touch with someone there.


Did you consider many businesses are not fully staffed and the pandemic might have an impact on their ability to respond quickly?


I’m posting here because support asked me all my info to invoice me 3 days ago. They have not responded. I will write here and open a 1000 tickets if that’s what I have to do. How hard is it for someone to invoice me for a part not available on the glowforge site? Not hard at all. So yes I’m pissed and have every right to be. Someone needs to send an invoice already so I can buy the part and be on my way to running g my business. . But instead I’m getting the run a round whe. They asked me for all the info and I gave it to them to Invoice me and now I sit here going on day 4 with nothing. WTH is that. Not a way to run a business.


You’ve been on the forums for about a year so you should know this already but:

You can do everything you threaten but this is exactly the way this company operates and has operated since it’s opening. Wherever you are in the que is your spot in the line. Nothing will change that, at least not in speeding it up. Keep posting new threads and emails. All that’ll do as said, is slow them down even more while they look at all of your tickets(after getting to your original place in line), link them all together, close them all, and then finally respond to you.

Now if you’re so upset that you feel entitled to actions that slow down your own support help; have fun.


Please realize that everyone replying to you right now are customers/users. Staff replies are in yellow and say the word Staff by their name. Customers help one another on these boards - especially in Problems and Support.


Thank you for not assuming I know everything about the forum. I’ve been on here like 4 times. And I’m upset my business is at a standstill that’s not okay. Especially right now.

Posting here is intended to solicit input from the community while you wait for support.

From the forum description by Dan: " if you post it here, our friendly and helpful community will probably be able to help immediately. Our support team will also chime in to make sure your answer is correct."

Of course, we can’t ship parts.


They will invoice you when they have the parts available for shipping, and right now, there’s just no telling how long that is going to take. They might not have enough of them on hand to ship you one directly. (What you can do to make things easier on yourself is to continue to check your SPAM filter, because if the notice they send you gets side-tracked you might waste additional time.)

Unfortunately, there’s not anything anyone here can do to speed up the resolution for you. That was a bit of bad luck with the timing I’m afraid.


It sucks being down. And if you are trying to make money with your machine it sucks doubly so. But running in and being a Karen and demanding this and screeching that usually winds up with you looking bad instead of the company. Unfortunately the company works through emails only. And I’m quite happy they appear to be willing to send you a belt and carriage plate assembly but I’m betting that not so long ago that would have been a part that would have required sending the machine back to the mother ship for repairs. And that is looking at a month or more of downtime.

I understand that it’s difficult… I’ve been known to be a Karen myself and lose my #@$% when needing something that seems simple to me but may or may not be so simple on the other end of the phone/email/whatever. But you need to simply calm down. I guarantee you that nothing you do as far as screaming, throwing things, or being belligerent here is going to speed things up. Calm down and speak to us as you would want spoken to yourself and I’m sure people will be a lot more willing to help (in as much as we can do so given your parts-needing position.) Namaste.


I’m so sorry you hit a snag that’s halted your business. I’ve just sent you an email with the next steps to get you up and printing again, so I’m going to close this thread.

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