Replacement Glowforge haiku

I received a replacement for my Glowforge yesterday. The service was excellent. It only took a week. However the new machine doesn’t work. I am feeling “make” withdrawal. A friend sent me recently a haiku. Aha, I thought, I can create poems to ease my maker urges. So here’s the first.

My GlowForge is down.
It keeps telling me it’s hot.
My frustration builds.


Sometimes when they get shipped during the hot months, they need an exceptionally long rest period to cool down before they’ll get going. (They get stored in hot un-airconditioned warehouses and sit in trucks in the sun all day with temps way out of range.)

Don’t know when you tried to fire it up, but it might take overnight to cool down to operating temps, depending on how cool/warm it is in the room.

Maybe point a fan at it?

I turned it off yesterday and then tried today around noon. Still hot. It’s in an air conditioned room and I have a fan pointed at it. Even so it’s only 74 degrees outside. I hope I don’t have to buy an AC or a cold locker just for my GF. Thanks for the suggestions.

Is it a Basic?

Yes, it’s a basic.

My said cooling when I first got it, so I went out and bought a fan and now I always have the fan on when I use it if it hot out. We don’t central air.